Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pornstar Sues For Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

By: Eamon Conway

San Bernardino, CA

Adult Film Star Kristal Nacht - star of such films as Kristal Nacht Up and Debbie Does Dallas' Taxes filed charges yesterday in California's third Circuit Court, alleging Sexual Harassment in the workplace. She is bringing a lawsuit against a coworker, a director and a boom-mic operator. Sworn in by Judge J.M. Reinhold, Nacht testified that she was harassed and embarrassed in a work environment while filming a scene for the upcoming movie – Transfornicators.

"I was touched inappropriately on the small of back by my coworker" [identified as Steely McBeam]. On the date in question, Nacht testified that Mr. McBeam made a sexual advance toward her, to which she warned him to stop.

According to Nacht, McBeam was then encouraged by Director Steven Feelberg and Boom-mic operator David Schwimmer, formerly of Friends. When McBeam tried once again, Nacht halted the filming and called the authorities.

"On the set and in my job environment, I was objectified, treated like an object, demeaned, made to feel uncomfortable, and objectified;" Nacht said through a prepared statement. I was humiliated in front of my coworkers and stripped of my respect."

Lawyers for McBeam called the lawsuit preposterous, saying that Nacht was vengeant due to being fired. Nacht was laid off (pun not intended) for missing performance goals according to Feelberg.

Knacht is supposedly seeking upwards of $600 dollars in damages.

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